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THE FINAL Farewell.... AND  YET OUR WELCOME TO YOU! - June 23 2021

Hello. This is the Chair (aka the MarioFanatic in this site). If you're looking for LAME Dimension, you're probably looking at this page on Wayback Machine. And that's great, because we did try our best to archive this site as much as we can. The old LAME Dimension website died because it was created with, which ceased its operations at the end of June 2021. I would say this is a sad thing, but not really, because we were able to preserve our memories and share them with you!

Ever since the previous leader of LAME Dimension, Mr. Prez, has left the team, we were unable to access this site at all. However, we really did not want to see our childhood memories disappear so through sheer determination, we were able to gain our account details! With this, we got some hidden content here visible again for the sake of archiving our history. Surprisingly, even though this site was pretty much dead, most of our download links are still alive on Mediafire. And it's thanks to you guys that these links get at least one view a year to keep it alive. Since it appears that people occasionally visit the site, we're really happy to keep the legacy of our middle school website alive.

When we were pre-teens, we didn't even think we would make it this far. But low downloads never made us sad, as seeing the smiles and laughter of a few friends were enough to make us happy. Now, we get to see even more people smile with us, and that's why we gotta show you our growth in gamedev! We were kinda slow in learning how to make games, but what really mattered was the enjoyment!

Though you can download all of our old games in the current LAME Dimension website with better links, it's still nice to see the "kid" feeling of this old website. This old website may die, but our memories are still within our hearts, and we would love to share them with you, no matter how embarrassing. This is the final, FINAL announcement on this site, but not our final adventure! In this site, LAME was Leaders At Making Everything, but now, LAME would scream Let's All Make Entertainment! When you're done seeing the aspirations of our childhood, come continue the adventure with us on our current site! Thank you, guys! Believe in what your heart tells you!

Farewell - june 22 2015

Hello! This is the Prez. If you're looking for Lame Dimension, you've kind of landed on the right place. We've moved to a newer location. I would say this is a sad thing, but not really. My friend couldn't access the site at all, and forgotten the passwords so he decided to make a new URL. I saw this as an opportunity to start anew! It's more like rebirth, in that sense. A fresh look and a new start. All the links (mostly downloads and such) are pretty much dead. So this place is a museum for our past creations... Something tells me we look like kids when we made this... Yea, technically we were. Anyways, we hope you check out our future releases (if you came here for that) since Final Flames is like our flagship game.

 Farewell, it was fun staying at this site!

Latest Game

After a long time of programming this game, it's finally done. The game is based on Final Fight and Streets of Rage. Give the game a try. It's pretty fun...AND AWESOME! Click the image above to play!

Mr. Prez is working on the site - November 22 2011

Yes I am now updating the site since I kind of forgotten about it. ANYWAYS. We've got some new equipment to make the site more awesome. It's official, I'm awesomer than before. KOIK!

The kind of updates that are being implamented by your's truly: Me, are:
Changing a couple of outdated pictures among the site.
Fixing weird posts that are around site such as blogs.
And adding more pages.

Yesh it is true, we has more games that haven't been posted. I'll get to that and after we finish a project then we will advertise! :D -Mr. Prez



Lame Dimension is group of game makers by using the program made by Yoyogames - Game Maker! Game Maker is an awesome program that can be used to create your own games. It's hard to use it at first but we're trying to experiment as much as we can to make ours look different from everybody else's. We haven't done much, so our games are not good yet. We'll try to improve as much so we can be OVER 9000!!! GOT IT!? Feel free to explore the site! It's still under development. Go check the out our Blog. See our creations. We are hiring new members! I'll see your request.



Games that are currently on work and progress...




Ages : if you think you're old enough :/
Players: 1-2
You must be awesome to play this
Game Size on Drive: 28.8 MB
Minimum Giga Hertz: 2.00 GHz
Recomended Giga Hertz: 2.50 GHz
Must have a mouse and keyboard
Controls for Keyboard:
Player 1:
Move: Keys I,J,K,L
Regular Attack: Key X
Special Attack: Key Z
Player 2:
Move: Arrow Keys
Regular Attack: Backspace
Special Attack: Enter
EXTRA FEATURE: 2 Player USB Controllers are COMPATABLE
Controls For Joystick:
Both Players:
Move: Joystick or Control Pad
Regular Attack: 1
Special Attack: 2
Story takes place when King goes to school to find out that it has been invaded by Possesed Students. He then teleports himself and his friends to his base so he could PWN evil thingies.
Director: Mr. Prez
Programmer: MarioFanatic

Graphics: Mr. Prez and MarioFanatic



Operation Assault - Alen, Mr. Prez, MarioFanatic -Delayed Due to the work of other games: 69% - Bosses and stages are being added
Steel Deal-MarioFanatic-Bosses and stages are being added: Delayed, progress is unknown.
Metroid Infection -  Mr. Prez - Delayed due to Higher priorities.

Harvest: Gun Lazor of Joriel - Mr. Prez and MarioFanatic - Done, Fixing a download page.
Awesome Quest: Summer's RPG - Mr. Prez -Done, fixing a download page. 


            _,.''´,,;: -──-- 、:;`ヽ、 `ヽ.
        _,,..-''ァ'"          `ヽ!   ヽ.
         /     /          `',   ',
       ∠/  /  /|  ハ  、/_,./-!    |   |
          i   |ー/‐!、/ |  ハ /__ レ'|.   |   |
          |   |/rrァ'、  レ',ア;' ̄'7ア|.   |   |
         !   /| ' ト }      ト  |, | ハ/   |
         ', / ,ハ. '- '      ` ̄ /レ'     ',
         Vヽ、 |"   '      ,'  |      ',
           ノ.人    、-‐''ア   |  i     ヽ.
          〈 /  `ヽ.    ̄  _,.イ|  ハ  ノ   r-`
          Y   ,.ヘハ/>-‐ァ'7>/ / レ'|  ノ
          レレ'´_,,-!.イ二/_,./ |/` ̄"'レ'
          /´   |/::::| 7 /        `ヽ.
         /     /::::::||/ /            |
          /      /::::::::|:| ,'    /         |
        /      /::::::::|:| ,'    〃        |
      /     く::::::::::|::| l            |
       7  ー-' 、 ..,,__  /_,.>'‐    /-'"
       !  ___,,.. -‐ '' "´        /
       Y'´          _____,,,.. -‐、'"i
       ,〈   ァ-─ '' " ´ '' ‐- 、    `i

 If you didn't like this site, please exit and search something with Google. Which won't happen, right? Right?.....

The disappearance of ld - july 29 2011

Hey Mr Prez here... I know I haven't visited this dusty old site in what a couple of months? To answer all your questions Imma going to use a Q&A Method:

Q: So where have you guys been?
A: Vacation from Austrai- I MEAN Venus...

Q: Hey you promised there would be Harvest: Gun Lazor of Joriel and GHS: Student Warfare!
A: First that's not a question. Seconds, H:GLoJ IS done but I decided to turn the GHS project into a text based RPG.

Q: Why are some information in the website odd?
A: Right now, I'm updating information so we won't cause confusion with new info like new members that recently joined our facebook group.

A: Yea I said... earlier duh. Too lazy to post the link but I'm pretty sure you can find it?

Q: Is there any other games being worked on?
A: As far as I'm concerned, I don't know any progress from MarioFanatic what so ever.

A: MarioFanatic and I are still gathering some ideas. In other words- sometime later.

Q: 1+1?
A: 2.

Q: Are there new members as meantioned?
A: Yes, check out the FB group. The new members haven't accessed this site yet.

Q: Wait a minute... Earlier did you say Harvest: Gun Lazor of Joriel is already done?
A: Yes, gotta work on the download page for it though.

Q: How about the GHS project?
A: It's a work in progress post poned until Aug 28... or I have said it too soon?

Well, answered enough information you would ask. I'm off! - Mr. Prez

at our finest - april 18 2011

Hey Didn't Key say that they would be releasing Clannad: After Story English Dubbed Episodes today? Eh whatever. OK! The LD Crew is atleast known for Final Flames which me and MarioFanatic celebrated >:P Right now we are going into the new dimension of lame... I mean... the 3rd Dimension... I'm talking about First Person Shooters! 3D Games! I'm talking historical epicness in this small group! Yes, expect to see such dimension in Harvest: Gun Lazor of Joriel and GHS: Student Warfare. Other than video games we updated the site. We removed useless stuff. Now it looks viewtiful... Check in next week to see updates on Gun Lazor!!! - Mr. Prez

awesomeness - march 26 2011

Yo. I'd like to talk to the people who actually visit this freakin' old dump...... Yea anyways. Without crock Final Flames will be released as a download on this site on 28th. So yea check it out :) Major updates will be posted soon. Shoot! -Mr. Prez

Final Flames updates and what i hav been doing - march 20 2011

Oh crapz I've been out too long :O Anyways I figured that I'd let people know (the ones who visit this deserted dusty place) that final flames would be released in March 28 2011. BE HERE AND YOU'LL BE PLEASED. *ahem* Now if you would excuse me, me and MarioFanatic will be redesigning the site in HQ. - Mr. Prez

FINal Flames is coming in march - february 6 2011

Errr.... Mr. Prez here..... Yea I apologize for the no update on site because I was getting lazy and busy. Please take note on how AWESOME Final Flames is going to be in March. I'll post a trailer here later. Shoot! - Mr. Prez

Website updates and video game updates - november 5 2010

WASSUP?!!!! Mr. Prez here!!! >:D We're going to have a site updates like for example: New Pictures, New Games, and More info and stuff. BTW all of you are wondering about Final Flames! We haven't gotten anywhere YET. As I write this Content Box I am currently trying to catch up with MarioFanatic (HE GO AHEAD OF ME :O BECAUSE HE WAS BORED HE DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO NO VIDEO GAMES BUT TONS OF THEM AND HE DOESN'T DO SPORTS! MAKES HIM LOOK SO LOW LIFE) Heavy updates will come in later on. ALSO Final Flames Dark Rage will be completed approximatly NEXT YEAR. Hopefully before May? TRIVIA!!! NOTICE HOW EVERY CONTENT BOX IS ABOUT 1 MONTH AWAY?! Anyways Operation Assault is going to have a slight change in character and gameplay (not fps no more, doesn't suit it) instead it's gameplay is going to be... I'll present it to MarioFanatic after I give backgrounds... Updates will come in later... -Mr. Prez

I ATE SKEWL - October 11 2010

          Oh I meant to say was I hate school. Not really hate it like I hate to learn since I really like to learn since I need it for like college and stuff but school has taken alot of time off my hands like homework and projects. Being busy with all that gives me the since of feeling of slacking off which makes MarioFanatic go mad xD So we just finished on Final Flames Chapter 2-4 AIs(enemies and assistants) which leaves Chapter 4 unfinished with 4 missing backgrounds. I was being lazy at the time and want to make myself relax abit and eventually abuse it >:( Trust me. MarioFanatic says it is hard programming... wait till' it gets to us switching jobs for cutscenes ( MarioFanatic=art    mr. prez=programming) Anyways I don't have fancy pictures to show off... oh wait here we go:

You can click this thing to download things :P it's pretty usefull.

You can also click this thing to-... Wait you can't but this thing can tell you I MADE THIS AND THAT >:D

Also this thing can tell you how annoying stuff like these could be and could get you to grab on and make a parady of it :) 


I can't really get a paragraph going like -----------------------------------------------------

(yes I got lazy and decided to point it out instead)                                           |                                  |

None of these pictures were to mean anything but to get as fancy looking as the Content Box below V_V

Well yea here you go: a progress report on final flames and couple of randumb pictures. -Mr. Prez

Motivation - september 12 2010


HEY GUYS, THIS IS MARIOFANATIC!  We know that we haven't done much a while since we have school but that doesn't mean we should stop! We decided to make Lame Dimension A REAL COMPANY SOON! Did you ever play our games but weren't much impressed from it or played the Final Flames Demo and didn't expect much. Well, about 15 years from now...YO HAVEN'T ANYTHING YET! Final Flames will be one of the most awesome Action RPGs (you Kingdom Hearts and Phantasy Star 0). After we make "THE REAL" Final Flames in the real future, we will make an anime out of it! (Yup! The one in the top is my first design of it!)  Well, let's back to the real world and not my "OWN WORLD." Final Flames (Game Maker version not the one to be released as a real company) Chapter 2 has been completed! And yes, we made this game for a long time but yeah, 'cuz we keep losing the data. Chapter 3 enemies has been done, few glitches are fixed, and backgrounds are improved! See check this out! Mr. Prez has improved a lot!

 If you played the demo, you will be impressed at the complete version because of all the new stuff at the next chapters. You will realize that Chapter 1 will be like nothing! That's all! Before we go, here's some fan service for all you Touhou fans!


 Happy belated Cirno Day! (9/9/10)

New game arrivals and site updates - August 13 2010

August 13... O_o Yea anyways... We just updated the site and FINAL FLAMES DARK RAGE DEMO IS HERE!


Picture created by MarioFanatic

Doesn't dat look kewl? Well our new... artist MarioFanatic... Err... Give me a moment... (WHY DOES HE HAVE THE TOOLS TO DO MY JOB?! WHY WHY?! I WILL DESTROY HIM!) OK! So check out Final Flames at our creations! MarioFanatic... has...... Drawn more pictures.... for the website... To make it look............ Colorful... Yea........ Anyways....... Another Demo is Steel Deal which will be poster... Later... Also adding a library which lists Lame Dimension stuff....... That's all.... -Mr. ..... Prez

Metroid Infection - July 7 2010

This project has been worked out back last month or so, it's progress and data is TOP SECRET except for it being known to exist. MarioFanatic does not know since he does not have the current clearance to know other progresses or other things EXIST. Lets say for example I put on socks inside out on Mondays and Fridays and MarioFanatic does not know that which by the way I do wear it inside out except on Thursdays to be exact. I was talking about Metroid Infection not clearances around Lame Dimension Studio! Anyways not relating to Metroid nor clearance I'm going to go to members. Please join if you want to check out games and send requests. - Mr. Prez

Final Flames Demo, Wasted "Joriel Yell: Waste Attorney", Negative Comments, and Long Message Ahoy! -July 6, 2010

Final Flames Demo is complete (finally...after those freakin' years with all those data being lost all the time so we had to start all over again (^_^;;)). We'll place a download of it once we're done with our summer. Joriel Yell: Waste Attorney also got cancelled since the two doesn't seem like they wanna work on it anymore. Too bad, that anime freak was way better than us when it comes to graphics. Shame on you MarioFanatic! Why do you have to let her lose interest on making this game! At least, we got more time for MarioFanatic! Anyways, we've been receiving lots of negative comments reported by the young middle school boy MarioFanatic. Thank you for being honest with us. We will try our best to avoid doing what you have said to us. And guys actually got MarioFanatic acting weird lately. The good news is that he's trying even harder to make the games none suckish. I know we haven't done anything for many months but we just got lazy. We rushed lotsa stuff 'k? crew is just enjoying our summer. LOL! We gotta slack off sometimes too right? I mean...summer is supposed to be enjoyed, not to get stuck up working all the time. That's what we do all the time. MarioFanatic has done almost everything he wanted in his summer. Yeah...his slack off time is over so he's working really hard to make up his lost time. He's been angry at me recently. He's been yelling stuff like, "Get back to work kiddo!" I work hard too ya know! Drawin' graphics for games ain't that easy ya know! LOL! We hope you enjoy your summer too! If you have time, try to sign our guestbook and tell us what makes Game Maker games fun and how we could improve our games. We'll try our best to finish Final Flames as fast as we can 'cuz I is kewl. We just hope the data of the game won't be lost this time! >.< - Mr. Prez

Joriel Yell: Waste Attorney - May 1, 2010

Hello. This is MarioFanatic. LOL Just kidding it's Mr. Prez. MarioFanatic is working with an anime artist on a game called Joriel Yell:Waste Attorney. Pretty much we're not sure if that's going to be the title. They're using C++ scripts and programming. This game would be made from PWLib Case Maker. So this game would be based on a hit game called Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. MarioFanatic also added more games to the site! Even the discontinued ones! Haha! Check 'em out if you want! Oh and I'm bastos! XD - Mr. Prez

Final flames is almost done! - April 24 2010

Yo! It's me! Mr. Prez for your news updates! Notice I don't put the day anymore? <_< Anyways FINAL FLAMES is coming soon! Cuz MarioFanatic is a good friend. He helped with the website and games. Yea... Check out the progress for Final Flames until the released demo comes out. Many games have been added (phew). Check it out in the Creations Tab! I would like to also announce that Steel Deal a new game has been started since like last month. Demo versions both Final Flames and Steel Deal are coming shortly... That is all! MarioFanatic says he sucks... Like for the last 100 times. - Mr. Prez

I lied :( - Friday april 09 2010

OMG WE DIDN'T GET STUFF FINISHED! OK THINGS ARE NOW UPLOADED! CHECK IT OUT! 8D Also we are now giving out full versions of games 4 free! Except ones been worked hard on :| -Mr. Prez


Message from Chair 2015:
Lol look at us now. We're just giving all of our Game Maker games for free in the new website. 

REquesting a VERY important person - saturday february 06 2010

I'd like to see a person request to create an account and ask what job: Gavin, Erik That is all for anouncements. - Mr. Prez

FINAL FLAMES Dark Rage demo coming soon - Saturday February 06 2010

Progress is getting slower and slower, we need more people to make progress go faster. Anyways, the suprising fact about Final Flames is that it is a 4 year project! From 2006 to 2010 it is still being worked on. Since we got an updated application to create better graphics and programming, it should be getting better and better. Also I am trying out this OTHER application to create 3-d games easily. For those who want to join, please go to the login. - Mr. Prez

Our creations are your gifts! - wednesday december 23 2009

We will spend our Christmas Break working on Lame Dimension for you guys! Soon there would be a Demo of Final Flames for yoy guys to play while you wait the full game. Merry  Christmas and a Happy New Year! -Mr. Prez

Merry Christmas! - Monday December 07 2009

Happy Holidays! We will give you a gift. We will finish uploading the games, videos, and some other fun stuff! By the way, MarioFanatic's Youtube account is TrueMario. Alright, we will get back to work in school... and Lame Dimension. -Mr. Prez

Progress slowed - Sunday october 25 2009

Since school came on, everybody is busy. We all are busy. We'll promise on Christmas, we will be working on Lame Dimension. I'll upload some games that were given to me by MarioFanatic. -Mr. Prez

Status for member:

Mr. Prez: Online sometimes on Weekends.
MarioFanatic: Doesn't have much time to work on any type of game but only games for school.
Alen: Has full access to website anytime on Weekends.
Erik: Online sometimes on Weekends.

our progress - thursday september 09 2009

Hello. This is Mr. Prez. My name is funny huh? Lol Since I'm so busy, I'll update when I have time such as Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Sometimes Sunday. So as our Members. I'll be off! -Mr. Prez

back to work! - SaturdAy August 22 2009

I'm kinda getting lazy on the website and games. So MarioFanatic went to my house and helped me out. All things are going crazy. Erik became a new BETA TESTER. If you'd like to join, please do it now! -Mr. Prez